Mike O’Reilly has been a local artist on Maui for the last 24 years. Well known for his custom paint jobs on motorcycles, he is a real Renaissance Artist. He creates art in all media, and his passion has lately turned to woodwork.

These pieces are truly “Locally Made”. The Camphor is cut from an ancient tree just off Mike’s property right here in Makawao, the logs sawn into manageable size blanks and cured in a home-made solar kiln in his back yard. Once dry and stabilized the wood is then turned and sculpted on a lathe in the workshop built onto the back of his house. The pieces are brought into his studio to prep for the spray booth. They are then finished with the finest automotive grade urethanes and epoxy finishes.

Functional and washable. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind original, made by hand.

Mike’s work can be seen at discerning Fine Art galleries specializing in “made on Maui” artwork. He is also available for personally commissioned pieces.